Unethical recruitment samples modern slavery

In competitive markets where lowest bid is main criteria drive for services providers selection, HR budget will be condensed by business owners triggering higher profit margins, and in an aggressive competitive dry market; budget savings converts to charging cost chapters directly  (or indirectly) to workforce, which materializes modern slavery.

One of the main contributors to this imbalanced practice is nonspecific and non-standardized laws, unclear traces of planning, humble implementation resources, and hazy checkpoints.

In this environment, recruiter’s strategy will be impacted in a nasty routine of unethical recruitment  practices that is observed on every piece of interaction with the supply chain.

Unethical recruitment is a particular of modern slavery structure that feeds other slavery symptoms (forced labor, human trafficking, and bonded labor).

My experience taught me that targeting ethical recruitment on even scale is simply not achievable, as the opposite was raised in a bigger family, though, you can achieve (compliance) to set of standards, and set comfortably on legal state.

 ILO (International Labour Organisation) estimated almost 21 Million persons (living souls) are in forced labor globally, while Global Slavery Index  found that almost 46 million persons are trapped in modern slavery.

Reading those figures suggests that (ethical standing) should be instead be put on trial as it failed to module on reactive and proactive levels.

When a system default is observed widely to be following a specific pattern, and uncontrollable to a level of 21 million living system disappointments, suggestions of structural failures pops up.Assuming that ILO’s system is reviewed on languid mood of yearly basis; after 98 conducted reviews finding outputs were noisily.

On international level, slavery like governance stands, it is sought that slavery is on one side of the scale, everything else doesn’t really matter.

As you go on tracing leads to put in a realistic vision, a median point should be wisely set and targeted, partial laws revisions and correctives may cure few indicators, but by all means slavery remain helplessly standing.

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Article by: Tarik Altoubasi

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